Acquisition Status of Basic Clinical Skills in Japanese Novice Rehabilitation Therapists: A Preliminary Single-Center Study

Healthcare (Basel). 2023 Jan 13;11(2):254. doi: 10.3390/healthcare11020254.


The number of post-graduate rehabilitation therapists (novice therapists) is increasing due to the growing demand for rehabilitation services in Japan. This study investigated the acquisition status of Japanese novice therapists’ basic clinical skills to clarify their quality and characteristics. Eleven participants’ basic clinical skills (eight physical and three occupational therapists) were assessed using an Objective Structured Clinical Examination. Tasks included exercises of joint range of motion, muscle strengthening, getting up, standing up and sitting down, and transferring between wheelchair and bed. Assessment items were subdivided into categories: attitude, preparation, intervention, safety management, and feedback. One-way ANOVA and Friedman test were used for statistical analysis to compare the data between tasks and categories. The scores for each task’s achievement rate were not statistically significant. However, the achievement rate of each category including tasks was 92.6% (SD 4.0%) for attitude, 81.4% (SD 11.1%) for preparation, 77.9% (SD 14.7%) for intervention, 87.6% (SD 17.3%) for safety management, and 64.0% (SD 14.2%) for feedback. There were significant differences between attitude and feedback (p < 0.001), and between safety management and feedback (p = 0.012). Post-graduate training programs should focus on improving the quality of clinical skills, especially in skills related to feedback.

PMID:36673622 | DOI:10.3390/healthcare11020254

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