Development of a Japanese version of the Self-assessment Scale of Interprofessional Competency (JASSIC)

J Interprof Care. 2021 Aug 6:1-8. doi: 10.1080/13561820.2021.1951188. Online ahead of print.


This study aimed to develop a Japanese version of the Self-assessment Scale of Interprofessional Competency (JASSIC), which consists of six domains: Patient-/Client-/Family-/Community-Centered, Interprofessional Communication, Role Contribution, Facilitation Relationship, Reflection, and Understanding of Others. Validity of JASSIC was confirmed through a four-step process consisting of expert discussion, cognitive debriefing, feasibility, and statistical analysis. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was performed by testing the correlation between the sum scores of JASSIC and the Assessment of Interprofessional Team Collaboration Scale-II(AITCS-II). First, 24 items were created through discussions among physicians, a nurse, a medical educator, and an information sociologist. Second, the items were modified by cognitive debriefing of a physician, nurse, pharmacist, occupational therapist, and social worker. Third, we provided the developed JASSIC for professionals at Hospital X (n = 139) and revised the wording and composition of the items. Finally, CFA among professionals at Hospital Y (n = 153) identified a 6-domain structure (GFI: 0.847, AGFI: 0.782, RMSEA: 0.088). Cronbach’s alpha was 0.92, and the correlation coefficient with AITCS-II was 0.72. Ongoing research into JASSIC will promote effective interprofessional collaborative practice not only in Japan but also other countries which share a similar culture and system.

PMID:34355655 | DOI:10.1080/13561820.2021.1951188

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