Healthcare Education: Can Literary Narratives Address Occupational Therapy’s ‘Incongruence’ in Values?

Occup Ther Health Care. 2022 Dec 29:1-18. doi: 10.1080/07380577.2022.2161116. Online ahead of print.


Occupational therapy may be facing an incongruence in values. A growing body of literature, based on occupational therapy documentation and the perspectives of clients, suggests the profession is more focused on productivity and institutional demands than the individualized needs of clients. A proposed solution in occupational therapy education is the critical reading of literary narratives with qualities of complex characters, sensory evoking language, and the subjective truths of the individual experience. This is proposed because empathy has been shown to improve client outcomes and the reading of literary narratives has been shown to improve levels of empathy. Instruction through literary narratives, versus medicalized case studies or videos, may help occupational therapists practice with consilience, regain what is threatened, and provide more impactful and empathic-centered care.

PMID:36579423 | DOI:10.1080/07380577.2022.2161116

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