Identifying Suitable Cognitive Assessments for Children and Adolescents with Acquired Brain Injury for use by Occupational Therapists in Acute and Subacute Hospital Contexts: A Scoping Review

Dev Neurorehabil. 2022 Jul 18:1-16. doi: 10.1080/17518423.2022.2099031. Online ahead of print.


AIM: To appraise the literature evaluating psychometric properties and clinical utility of cognitive assessments available for use by occupational therapists in acute and subacute hospital contexts with children aged 4-18 years diagnosed with an acquired brain injury.

METHODS: Scoping review. Assessments and associated studies were evaluated for their methodologic quality using the COnsensus-based standard for the Selection of health Measurement INstruments (COSMIN) strategy.

RESULTS: Forty-one studies evaluated 49 different assessments and reported on assessment psychometrics (n = 40), clinical utility (n = 1) and five reported on both. Fourteen assessments with the strongest psychometric properties and clinical utility were shortlisted.

CONCLUSION: A gold standard assessment was not identified. Instead, a shortlist of functional, performance-based, technology-based, and self-report assessments were identified as relevant for the setting and population, but requiring further investigation. Future development of a cognitive assessment in partnership with therapists working in tertiary pediatric settings will ensure optimal clinical utility and validity.

PMID:35850609 | DOI:10.1080/17518423.2022.2099031

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