Improving the Completeness of Facilitated Tucking for Preterm Infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Hu Li Za Zhi. 2021 Dec;68(6):83-90. doi: 10.6224/JN.202112_68(6).11.


BACKGROUND & PROBLEMS: Facilitated tucking (containment) is a strategy that has been demonstrated to improve insufficient muscle tone, reduce procedural pain, and stabilize vital signs in premature infants.

PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to improve the accuracy and implementation rate of nursing staffs` facilitated tucking.

METHODS: Formulate and standardize nursing care to reduce the burden on nursing staff and make staff implementation consistent. Decomposition diagrams of the production steps were posted in patient units, on-the-job education courses were held, and a short video was used to provide care guidelines to nursing staff.

RESULTS: Compared to pretest levels, the rate of facilitated tucking implementation in the early, middle, and late invasive medical treatment periods, respectively, increased from 0% to 53.5%, 1.2% to 50%, and 6% to 48.8%, while the accuracy rate of facilitated tucking cognition increased from 61.1% to 91.9%.

CONCLUSIONS: This project effectively promoted the standardization of facilitated tucking in our hospital, provided preterm infants with better care and neurological development, and improved mother-infant attachment.

PMID:34839494 | DOI:10.6224/JN.202112_68(6).11

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