Patterns of Physical Activity Among Women Incarcerated in Jail

J Correct Health Care. 2021 Nov 26. doi: 10.1089/jchc.20.05.0041. Online ahead of print.


The physical and mental health benefits of physical activity in all populations are well established. In 2019, incarcerated women at a Southwest county jail were observed during “recreation time,” a time when physical activity is encouraged, to identify the proportion of women who participated in recreation time and their physical activity levels. During observed recreation times, 28% of women attended; 56% were sedentary, 4% engaged in vigorous physical activity, and approximately 40% walked or performed similarly moderate physical activity. Future research should identify barriers to being physically active while incarcerated, leading to targeted interventions to promote physical activity.

PMID:34846925 | DOI:10.1089/jchc.20.05.0041

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