Physical Activity and Symptom Burden in COPD: The Canadian Obstructive Lung Disease (CanCOLD) Study

Chronic Obstr Pulm Dis. 2022 Dec 22. doi: 10.15326/jcopdf.2022.0349. Online ahead of print.


BACKGROUND: The relationship between symptom burden and physical activity (PA) in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) remains poorly understood with limited data on undiagnosed and those with mild to moderate disease.

OBJECTIVE: The primary objective was to evaluate the relationship between symptom burden and moderate-to-vigorous intensity PA (MVPA) in individuals from a random population-based sampling mirroring the population at large.

METHODS: Baseline participants of the Canadian Cohort Obstructive Lung Disease (n=1558) were selected for this cross-sectional sub-study. Participants with mild COPD (n=406), moderate COPD (n=331), healthy individuals (n=347), and those ‘at risk’ of developing COPD (n=474) were included. The Community Healthy Activities Model Program for Seniors (CHAMPS) questionnaire was used to estimate MVPA in terms of energy expenditure. High symptom burden was classified using the COPD assessment test (CAT ≥10).

RESULTS: Significant associations were demonstrated between high symptom burden and lower MVPA levels in the overall COPD sample (β=-717.09; 95%CI =-1079.78, -354.40; p<0.001) and in the moderate COPD subgroup (β=-694.1; 95% CI=-1206.54, -181.66; p=0.006). Seventy-two percent of the participants with COPD were previously undiagnosed. The undiagnosed participants had significantly higher MVPA than those with physician diagnosed COPD (β=-592.41 95% CI=-953.11, -231.71; p=0.001).

CONCLUSION: MVPA was found to be inversely related to symptom burden in a large general population sample that included newly diagnosed individuals, most with mild to moderate COPD. Assessment of symptom burden may help identify patients with lower MVPA, especially for moderate COPD and for relatively inactive individuals with mild COPD.

PMID:36563057 | DOI:10.15326/jcopdf.2022.0349

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