The implementation facilitation of the “11 for Health in Denmark” – A case study in a Danish 5th -grade class

Scand J Med Sci Sports. 2021 Oct 1. doi: 10.1111/sms.14069. Online ahead of print.


The “11 for Health in Denmark” concept aims to enhance 10-12-year-old schoolchildren’s physical activity levels and health knowledge through an 11-week football intervention and has been shown to induce positive effects in numerous areas. However, little is known about the implementation facilitation of this concept in schools. This case study therefore aims to gain a deeper understanding of the implementation facilitation of “11 for Health” in a Danish 5th -grade class comprising 22 schoolchildren (12 boys and 10 girls, Mage 11.86 ±) and one teacher. Data were derived from multiple school situations using photographs and videos, observations and informal interviews. Five themes were identified: 1) environmental and organisational factors impacting on the implementation; 2) familiarisation with the concept for the teacher and schoolchildren; 3) previous clique formation; 4) the central role of the teacher; and 5) the importance of how praise partners are allocated. We found high adherence to the “11 for Health” concept, in which the teacher played a key role by applying a autonomy-supportive style of teaching and using the praise partner concept in a suitable manner. A clique of football-playing boys was a resource, as their praising of classmates encouraged adherence. However, familiarisation with the “11 for Health” concept was a challenge and the clique’s competitive nature occasionally built barriers to other schoolchildren without football experience, potentially leading to a more controlled form of motivation. Based on the results, we encourage teachers to apply autonomy-supportive teaching when applying the “11 for Health” concept.

PMID:34597433 | DOI:10.1111/sms.14069

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