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Mission – to provide free, up-to-date, evidence-based practice guidelines for occupational therapists.



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Evidence-Based OT (EBOT) was created by an occupational therapist from California who was frustrated by the lack of a free occupational therapy guideline database for OT practice and a large amount of time needed to research the latest OT interventions.

While many high-quality journals are open-access it can be difficult to find. Some occupational therapists either do not have the time to do the research and evaluate interventions or they lack the education or confidence to conduct research.

EBOT was created in hopes of advocating for the profession and advancing the field of occupational therapy through evidence-based research.

Volunteer for EBOT

Review EBP for our OT Practice Guidelines Database.

Do you have experience evaluating OT research?

Consider applying to be an EBOT Volunteer and helping out the occupational therapy community.

Do you have some spare time?

We only ask for your free time, whenever you are available. There are no schedules or deadlines.

How it Works

EBOT Practice Guidelines

When a user submits a Guideline for review, as an EBOT Volunteer, you get forwarded the submission and have the opportunity to review the research at your leisure.

If you approve of the submitted Guideline, it will be added to the database with a green, yellow, or red stoplight color for the evidence. If the evidence is unverifiable, the evidence will be labeled yellow. As new research comes out, it will replace unverified or outdated recommendations for that particular condition, diagnosis, or disorder.

Disclosures and Conflicts of Interest

To maintain EBP integrity and ethics, volunteers are asked to remain anonymous and not disclose their involvement with this project, e.g., on social media. Volunteers may not review their own research. They must also disclose if there are any conflicts of interest.

Thank you to the awesome OT community of researchers, clinicians, educators, students, and volunteers!